What Is The Jetson Direct Mail?


If you want a direct mail service to be a multi-service mailing company that is specializing in high volume forms of printing, data processing, personalization, letter shop, fulfillment and mailing services including commingling and drop ship, then you really need to take a look at Jetson Direct Mail. This company used to be called Jetson Direct Mail before Transcontinental Direct bought them for 85 million dollars in order to become the largest provider of direct mail services in North America.

Clients and customers still know this company as Jetson Direct Mail but because of the buyout, the services have been expanded and the experience with the company has gotten much better. Jetson Direct Mail was in the top six direct mail services around due to their company generating over 91 million dollars in yearly revenue. They have 1,100 employees and a work area that was 500,000 square feet before they made the move to Transcontinental Direct. Transcontinental Direct has decided to keep the name of Jetson Direct Mail while keeping the facilities that this service has which include five facilities in Pennsylvania, a direct mail letter shop and printing plant in Hamburg, and three satellite direct mail plants in Reading, Orwigsburg, and Frackville.

Jetson Direct Mail came to Transcontinental Direct with capabilities including a commingling operation that opened in April of 2005 and the ink jet technology for personalization purposes. The two companies put together had some overlapping of their client base but there was still a significant rise in clients that the Jetson Direct Mail brought with them. These two companies have now created the most sophisticated and efficient direct mail production platforms in the whole industry of direct mail.

The Jetson Direct Mail uses a unique integrated blend of traditional and hybrid technologies and they offer a very wide range of format alternatives for their clients. The Jetson Direct Mail service has the capabilities which include computerized match mailings, collated packages, self-mailers, envelope packages with enhanced bindery options, cutting and collecting packages, notepad mailings, and postcards.

The Jetson Direct Mail also has online direct mail management tools that can be accessed by their clients in order to facilitate their business a lot more efficiently. The clients can review proofs, provide sign offs to communicating with project team members. The web based application is called DocProof and there is no installation requirements in order to access the site. The Jetson Direct Mail DocProof website features real time data, secure web based system, digital softproofs and electronic sign offs, time and cost savings, management of multiple vendors and revisions, support for all file types and sizes of the files, and email notifications. It is a full service self-service internet site.

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